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Discover our iconic cocktail dresses and invitation dresses and browse our collection for more evening dresses for more!






Cocktail and invitation dresses for the most elegant evenings are in Cengız Akturk!

The fact that every woman should have a cocktail dress is probably the most well -known rule of fashion. Of course, there are reasons why cocktail dresses have an incredible effect in every new season; As some trends come and pass, the classic style never goes out. The fact that you will mark the night with a classic invitation dress will never change. Although the cocktail dress is redesigned based on different design perspectives from time to time, the classic aura of the design is always superior.

Cocktail or invitation dresses are a style classic outside the time necessary for every woman with fashion stance and consciousness. Cocktail dresses, business parties and wedding ceremonies are elegant enough to wear a wide range of events, from official meetings and official, customized events. If you want to reflect your own style in the best way, if you want to have the most elegant dress of the event you want to go to and enlighten the whole night with your shine, leave yourself to Cengız Akturk!

Are you ready to get the most rare part of your wardrobe? With Cengız Akturk, you can break a breakthrough about his invitation dress!

Invitation dresses are among the most comfortable combined pieces in any woman's wardrobe both as an evening dress and as a simple and stylish dress and are quite suitable for privatization for almost every invitation. With Cengız Akturk, you can compare different styles and brands to help you choose the cocktail dress that will suit you best.

Thanks to the envai category and combination on our website, it will be quite easy to find the dress that reflects your own style in the most beautiful style and to combine your accessories. If you have difficulty choosing between an extremely ornate party dress or an unforgettable, elegant and extremely glittering invitation dress, a laptop, dark cocktail dress can be a versatile alternative that can be combined with each accessory.

Get ready to be the sun of the most memorable invitations! Cengız Akturk is waiting for you to change the custom!

When buying an invitation dress, we know that you want to choose the most tractor, the highest quality and the most stylish one. So, what criteria do you evaluate as a design? You will have to think of length, sewing, color and many other variables at the same time. The length of the invitation evening dresses may vary from the knee to the ankle. The arm length can sometimes be short, sometimes long. This may vary entirely depending on the season according to your preference and the situation. Choosing from different color options and fabrics is also a bit up to your eye taste.

A good cocktail dress should help you emphasize your natural beauty. Regardless of your body type or body dimensions, finding a good cocktail dress is quite easy with Cengız Akturk. You can find the most suitable cocktail dress for yourself, regardless of what your leg length is, how much of your waist measure or what your body shape is. It is quite easy to reveal what your best features are.

You can discover the most suitable cocktail dress by examining the comprehensive online catalog of Cengız Akturk. Cengız Akturk, who directs the center of fashion, meets you with flashy and more humble, eye -catching and nostalgic snapshots. You can see many unique designs that you can choose from, and you can have the opportunity to shop at any time by evaluating the wide stock capacity in each body. Before you go with a cocktail, you can have the brightest dress of the night by finding the most suitable dress for you instead of waiting for hours in front of your wardrobe.

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