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After party dresses models

Comfort and comfort in after party dresses are at the forefront. Discover our iconic after -party dresses prepared by our experienced designers who crown comfort with artistic simplicity! Check out all the evening dresses collection for more!






What should be considered when choosing a after party dress?

After a wedding you move very much and spend hours under the lights, it is one of the best options to relax you after a wedding. These dresses, which are frequently used after a wedding or wedding ceremony, should generally offer both eye -catching and comfortable experience. Therefore, the dimensions used in the design, fabric and external properties should be different from a typical wedding dress. The main purpose of these dresses, where comfort is at the forefront, is that in addition to simplicity, it has a design that will not tire you more in the night. After a single transition in color, designed from monochrome choices according to the situation, after party dresses, Cengız Akturk light with a completely different face.

As in all categories, brand awareness, which strives to keep quality and comfort in the forefront, appears in a similar party dress. Cengız Akturk, who combines the most beautiful creations of the season with after party dresses so that the sparkle of the customers is reflected in the most accurate way, will become even more beautiful, extends the key to elegance.

After the wedding entertainment after party dress is more comfortable!

You want to have fun after the wedding, but haven't you chosen your after party dress? In some cases, we know how difficult it is and it is impossible to choose. We strive to offer the best by combining the most innovative design approach with comfort standards for you. As Cengız Akturk, we are trying to reflect the happiness of special days, to reflect the after -party dresses with different colors and designs.

So what does the after party mean? In fact, although this situation is used for weddings in our country, it can be considered as the process organized after any activity or crowded entertainment. After all people in the crowded environment are separated from the ceremony, an after party is organized with people like the owners and relatives and friends of the ceremony. In short, the sincerity of the environment will rise significantly and the entertainment will continue in a smaller but hot environment. In such cases, if you want to wear the tiredness of the night with your dress and wear a dress more elegant enough to continue the entertainment, you can try the after -party dresses of Cengız Akturk fashion. It is impossible to find a bright dress as bright as your own light in dozens of different styles, but it is obvious that you can find the after -party dress that will best reflect you.

How should the after party dress be?

After the after -party dress should not have an extremely complicated style both in color and design. After the actual ceremony, the trick in the after party dresses designed so that you can move comfortably in a time period where you will have fun with your relatives. You can easily spend the whole night in a simple and very stylish dress.

Especially in recent years, the after -party process, which is as important as weddings and wedding, can be described as a ceremony where you can have a pleasant and sincere time with your favorite people and celebrate this beautiful day over and over again. In such an intimate environment, you don't want to be in a dress that you don't feel comfortable in it or you can't move as you want while dancing. That is why Cengız Akturk, who makes customized improvements and innovations in the after party dress, continues to offer you the most innovative shape of fashion.

Don't forget to examine Cengız Akturk collections to experience after -party dresses with different, light and different designs. The website, which offers online catalog and keeps the latest creations with you, is constantly actively active, is both suitable for online shopping and has a user -friendly design to have an idea of ​​dresses.

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