Cengız Akturk SS'22 collection was published in Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus - Evening Dress News

Cengız Akturk, one of the popular names of the fashion sector for more than 20 years, made his first fashion show in Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Istanbul last night. Designer Cihan Nacar, who has made a name for himself with his evening dress designs, made the opening of the fashion show with his beauty. Dinamic and design pieces they carry on them dazzling evening dress models, attracted the attention of fashion lovers. Dresses designed with eye -catching colors such as red evening dresses, blue, orange and pink won the show at the fashion show. - Ht club

Cengız Akturk, One of the Famous Names in the 20 Year Fashion Journey, Released His First Fashion Show in 2.2.2022 at Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Istanbul. The Designer Cihan Nacar Made The Opening of the Fashion Show, Which Was the Director of the Fashion Show, and Made Eye Catching Models. Evening Dresses, with the Dynamic and Design Pieces they wear, Are the Eyes of Fashion-Lving Ladies. At the fashion show, Dresses with Eye-Catching Colors SUCH AS RED, BLUE, Orange and Pink Were Very Popular. - Ht club


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