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"The key to creating a good style is to be yourself." - Evening dresses news

Cengız Akturk, which has existed in the textile sector for 20 years, stores in strategic locations in Turkey and has sales points abroad, entrusted the famous fashion designer Cihan Nacar. In the evening dress fashion show, which took place in February, the collection of surprise names aroused great curiosity for fashion enthusiasts. Stating that he was very happy to be the creative director of a rooted brand, Cihan Nacar said, orum I am very happy to undertake a collection promotion, which is a touchstone for a fashion brand. I hope everyone will like the reflections of my passionate work and the private evening dress collection I prepared. ‘ - Hello
Cengız Akturk, Who Has Been in the Textile Industry for 20 Years, Has Strategic Locations in Turkey and Has Sales Points Abroad, Entrusted the Famous Fashion Designer Cihan Nacar. In the collection of the collection of the collection, the name of the collection of the aroused Great Curiosity for Fashion Lovers. Stating that he is very happy to be the Creative Director of A Well-Established Brand, Cihan Nacar Said, “I am all-happy to the promotion of the collection, which is a cornerstone for a fashion brand. I HAVE PREPARTED. - Hello

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