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Discover our iconic evening dresses. Check out our all evening dresses collection for engagement dresses, hijab evening dresses, wedding dresses, promise dresses, henna dresses, graduation dresses, stylish evening dresses, big size evening dresses and more!






Iconic and stylish evening dresses are designed in Cengiz Aktürk to reveal your glow on your most special days!

You may have difficulty finding the most suitable model for your style among many special design dresses and the evening dress models you want. You may be excited to know that you will be the shining star of the night on cocktails, invitations, balls, graduation and special occasions. Hijab evening dress models, Big Size Dresses, short evening dresses, strapless dresses, mini dresses, sequined dresses, satin evening dresses, midi evening dress models, such as the most suitable choice among the models that adapt to various tastes in your hands! You can choose the evening dress that will reveal your style in the best way, but how?

The evening dresses you prefer on your special occasions are naturally different from your daily clothes. Such special design women's dress models stand out with their naive, stylish and flashy. These dresses, which will make you feel stylish, special and comfortable in organizations and events you will participate in, are designed and presented to you by experienced designers. Women's evening dress varieties vary according to the activity to be worn. Midi and long evening dresses are mostly preferred for short models and weddings in ball and graduation ceremonies.

There are many issues to consider when buying evening dresses. You like the fabric, embroidery and patterns of the evening dress you choose. Then what? Finally, you need to choose the color and this may force you a little. For example, a after party If you are invited to the event, white color tones, Henna and engagement If you are going to participate in activities such as red color tones are preferred. White evening dresses, black, red and indigo evening dresses are generally the most preferred colors. Weddings and country weddings on the beach should not be forgotten. Light tone colors are preferred in such organizations. Chiffon fabric dresses are the pupils of such activities.

Another choice is to make the right decision to your body. If you know the dimensions of your own body, you are 1 step ahead. There are points to be considered in the evening dress shopping on the internet. When shopping online (especially in evening dresses) body tableYou can look at the size of your body with the dimensions in the table. When the body table is used, it allows you to reach the size you are looking for and buy the most suitable dress for your own body.

Yes, let's come to the prices of evening dresses, one of the most crucial points. Evening dress prices vary depending on the fabric, embroidery, material and size of the product you choose. You can review the designs that match your budget and tastes from models in various price range. The general criterion that determines the price is quality. It saves shopping time over the internet and allows you to explore designs that are not in stores.


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