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Discover our iconic graduation dresses and prom dresses. Check out our all evening dresses collection for more!






You can catch the most stylish collection of the season with graduation dresses & ball dresses!

You can have the most eye -catching dress of the invitation with a comfortable look and graduation dresses where you can go to the top of feminine charm. You can combine your own style with Cengız Akturk creativity and go to the top of the design approach. Although you have examined many different colors and special design graduation dresses, none like you like it? Do you think you still can't find the dress that reflects you best? So you can visit our website, which is the right address for you, and experience different models in seconds.

The combination of comfort and femininity is the basic charm of graduation dresses. These ball dresses are ideal for all seasons, from loose, larger cut long sleeves to thin and shimmering designs of shorter sizes. Get ready to dress up ahead of the age thanks to these dresses that you can reflect your most beautiful mood at the right time using only a few simple accessories. The charm of simplicity, the reflection of elegance and Cengız Akturk fashion together!

The road to a great graduation from a perfect school period can be combined with the glow of your graduation night. So, did you find what to wear when joining a prom? Or are you still at the beginning of your closet, do you continue to weave and kill time on the brink of indecision? In addition to evening dresses, the main feature of the ball dresses that have a simple and design that will reveal your youth is undoubtedly the conformity of the concept. Therefore, visiting the store can be troubled in finding the features you are looking for together. Instead, you can quickly conclude by examining the rich category pool on the Cengız Akturk website.

If you are looking for a graduation dress, the right address is Cengız Akturk!

When choosing a ball dress, we mentioned that the most important issue you should pay attention to is the concept of the night. So, how can you capture the concept of the night? Unlike the dresses you wear during the day, you should choose the combination that best reflects your age. You should act without forgetting that the dress you will wear in high school or university graduation and cap ceremonies will take place in unforgettable photos. Even the slightest detail can make you the most stylish person of the day. As such, carrying Cengız Akturk Fashion on you may discuss as one of the most basic needs of the day.

After the graduation ceremony, it came to the party! You planned a great graduation party with all your favorite friends, but high -heeled shoes, the tiredness of the whole day, the dresses have started to be heavy? Do not worry, you can secure the rest of the night by selecting the most suitable models for you on our website. Ball dress separately, graduation party dress can be taken separately. When this is the case, you should also make sure that you can find a comfortable place to change your top.

One of the most striking overalls of the year, Palazzo a trouser or a wonderful dress combination can be enough to make you the most sparkling person of graduation. After you like and buy a dress, you are likely to get tired of seeing more beautiful in another store. You can take a look at Cengız Akturk's different graduation and ball combinations to prevent such a situation, choose the best combination and find the graduation dress that makes you happy!

What should be considered about ball dress?

When thinking about which type of graduation dress will be most suitable for you, it is important to consider the type of ceremony, the weather and the place where the activity will take place. Considering each of these elements, considering it will allow you to have a good idea of ​​the best graduation dress you can buy for your special day. In addition to finding a beautiful and elegant dress to wear at the real ceremony, remember that a graduation party dress that will wear after an official activity is also important!

It is important not only to look best in your graduation ceremony, but also to feel the best. It can make you spend the best day by choosing your graduation outfit for your own body and which dress style makes you look in the best way! During the ceremony, you will probably sit for a longer period of time, so you will be comfortable to find cute graduation dresses that are not too narrow or short.


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