What are the factors affecting evening dress prices?

Evening dresses are indispensable for special days, but they are parts that require a lot of effort to design and construction. Each model and fabric evening dress can be designed and it is possible to find a special day dress for almost every budget. So what is the price range of evening dresses? You can read the continuation of our content to learn the factors affecting the construction process and prices of evening dresses.

evening dress prices

1. Preparation - Fabric Cost

Although the evening dress is sewn to the fabric to the fabric, the cost of the fabric is determined according to the price of retail and presented to the user. The new season evening dresses are going through the construction phase with higher costs than old evening dress models and are offered to the market. In addition, each buckle added to the evening dress, stones, bias, bow and so on. In elements, retail sales price increases.

evening dress prices

2. Production - Sewing Cost

Each model used for evening dresses has its own type of sewing. The cost of each type of sewing is different. Special stitches, finishing, additional floors, design objects and so on. In elements, as handicrafts increases, fabric consumption also increases indirectly and this affects the price. At this point, during the implementation of a design, all processes will be planned and the evening dress is appropriate for it.

evening dress prices

3. Production place and style of production

The position and production style in which the dress is produced greatly affects the price of the evening dress. Dress erected using a special sewing technique will be much more expensive than evening dresses with standard sewing. Similarly; Dress dresses that require elements such as primer, tarlatan, tulle plugin; It is produced with high cost machines.

Other products that require workmanship and machinery such as curling, printing, cutting are also separate in standard evening dresses. If the location with these skills and resources is far from the production area, the sales price is likely to increase.

evening dress prices

4. Product amount

The less the price of the fabric and the product, the higher the production cost. Buying products collectively and offering mass production makes the evening dress much more affordable. The low fabric and dress means that it is special and the price increases at this point.

evening dress prices

5. Usage and Washing Suggestions

Fabrics that are supplied for production are usually washed and tested before production. Washing and test fee may be reflected in the price for some companies. At this point, the company should be contacted and asked before the order.

evening dress prices

6. Accessories and Embroidery

Every detail and embroidery added to the evening dress has an additional price. This may be reflected in the product according to the amount paid by the firm for printed fabric supply.

7. Special Design Dress

The personal design of the evening dress is another factor that affects the price of evening dresses in accordance with the body lines.

evening dress prices

8. Evening dress brand

The evening dress brand reveals the quality and fabric of the evening dress. Therefore, the evening dress brand you will buy is effective on prices.

Cengız Akturk evening dress prices

As can be understood from the entire content, clothing production requires a lot of commitment. At this point, your trust in the company you shop, means that they trust the companies they provide producers and fabric. With Cengız Akturk, he can deliver himself to this chain of trust without any problems; You can be sure that you will experience endless quality from fabric producer to construction.

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