The Elegance of White with White Collection


The wedding dress is the indispensable outfit of the marriage ceremony. While uniting the lives of two people who love each other, they need to stand out with clothing products suitable for this special day. We can say that the number one rule of marriage ceremonies is that the bride wears her wedding dress, just like the groom wears his suit. In today's world, choosing among flashy and elegant wedding dress models may leave you a little indecisive. 

The wide range of wedding dresses provides this clothing product to appeal to almost every taste. Whether open or closed, it has now become very easy to find a wedding dress suitable for every belief and style. You can prepare for an unforgettable marriage ceremony thanks to trendy wedding dresses that will make you look noble and elegant on your most beautiful day.

White Collection Wedding Dress Models

When it comes to wedding dresses, white comes to mind. White is the most elegant color that suits a bride. In many other cultures, including ours, the color white symbolizes cleanliness and purity. The bride, who expresses that she has turned a new and pure page in her life, shows this with a white outfit. You can take a look at the dozens of wedding dress models you can find in the White Collection and make a choice that suits your taste.

You can ensure that all eyes are on you at the ceremony with the one-shoulder embroidered fabric flared wedding dress with pearl detail, which has taken its place among the most beautiful wedding dresses. This piece, whose shoulders are detailed with pearls, has a very nice appearance with its modern embroidery that extends to the skirt. You can be the star of your wedding with this product that will make you feel like a princess. You can also look at princess wedding dress models for more different options. 

If you do not like fluffy wedding dresses, fishtail wedding dresses may be perfect for you. You can add a completely different atmosphere to your marriage ceremony with a long, narrow-cut wedding dress with a butterfly collar and stones. This product, whose neckline is cut in the shape of butterfly wings, has a sparkling appearance with its stone fabric. If you want to be a bride like in fairy tales, this piece may be the model you are looking for.

If you want the direct fabric to be shiny instead of stone and pearl details, you can choose from satin wedding dress types. It is possible to say that satin fabric is an important type for wedding dresses with its slippery and shiny texture. You can feel intense attention on you thanks to this type of wedding dress that will make you feel like a prom guest.

You can also examine the Hellenic model wedding dresses designed with inspiration from the prominent goddesses of the Ancient Greek period. These types of wedding dresses may have fluid silhouettes, thin fabrics, elegant draping and asymmetrical cuts. These types of wedding dresses are preferred to highlight the natural beauty of the bride and emphasize her nobility.

If you want to reflect your free spirit on your wedding dress, Bohemian wedding dress models will appeal to you. Bohemian wedding dresses, which provide convenience and comfort while preserving naturalness, attract attention with their simplicity. Unlike fancy and heavy wedding dresses, these wedding dresses are among the pieces preferred for simple wedding organizations.

A-cut wedding dress models, which are generally in demand, are products that cover the upper part of the body and open in an A-shape from the waist to the skirt. The skirts of these models are not puffy. This has made A-cut wedding dress models a favorite among brides-to-be who want to have both a simple and elegant look.

If you think you are short and want to make your neck area look longer wedding & wedding dress or square neck wedding dress models. Square neck models that hug the chest will help you achieve a different look. Square neckline wedding dresses, which find their place among the most trendy wedding dresses, are offered with different neckline sizes, including deep-cut and more voluminous ones.

If you are a hijab person, you can choose from covered wedding dress models. You may be particularly interested in these models, which will help you preserve your hijab, with products with different sleeve details. You can easily find long-sleeved wedding dresses among closed models. Wedding dresses designed for hijab wearers always have long skirts and long sleeves. 

If you do not like gaudy and overly eye-catching clothing products, pieces that stand out with their simplicity will please you.

You can easily achieve the look you want with simple, straight-cut wedding dress models that do not have puffy skirts, contain fewer stones, pearls, embroidery and lace details. V-neck, square neckline, crew neck new season evening dress options.

If you are not interested in classic long-skirted wedding dresses, you can check out models with short skirts, slit details, and low-cut back and neck. Additionally, you can choose from strapless, strapless, one-shoulder and short-sleeved open wedding dress models. You can easily find these models either plain or with stones, pearls, tulle, lace and beaded details.

Wedding Dress Prices with White Collection Options

It is possible to talk about hundreds of different models for the wedding dress that will stand out in your marriage ceremony. Since the diversity of tastes is also reflected in wedding dress models, you can encounter pieces that reflect different styles. Of course, the model will not be the only criterion you will consider when choosing your wedding dress. You need to be aware of the price information before purchasing the product in question.

It is not right to talk about a single value for wedding dress prices. Because it is known that many factors affect the value of these clothing products. One of these elements is the brand of the product. Even if it has the same model, if the brand is different, the price is inevitable to change. This situation is related to the price policy adopted by the brand.

Another factor that affects the price values of wedding dresses is the fabric type of the wedding dress. The price of the wedding dress may vary depending on the value of the fabric used in production. In addition, the model of the product also has a big say in its price. It is very natural that each of the hundreds of models has different values. The effort and effort put into the design will of course play a role in determining the price.

Whether you choose a gaudy or simple wedding dress, you can see that the prices change positively within the scope of discounts and campaigns. Thanks to the campaigns implemented from time to time, it will be possible for you to easily buy the wedding dress that you think will strain your budget. 

White Collection Wedding Dress Sizes

Size is one of the important issues when choosing a wedding dress. If you choose a product that does not fit your body, the product will either be loose or tight and will not look as good on you as you want. In this regard, you must first determine your body measurements correctly. After the necessary measurements, you can find out which size range you are in by examining the size chart.

You can find pieces produced in more than one size in the White Collection, which includes wedding dress models. For example, if you want a strapless wedding dress, you can purchase the product that suits your size among wedding dresses in sizes 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44. These products, which come in multiple sizes, make it much easier for you to buy the produ