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Tax-free offers travelers traveling abroad the opportunity to get back the VAT they paid on their purchases.
In order to receive a VAT refund, you need to provide us with information such as "Passport Issue Date" and "Passport Number" for both in-store and e-commerce purchases. With this information, we can issue your purchase as a tax-free invoice.

For the purchases you will make through our website, please share the details and necessary information with us via our Whatsapp line.

This process will enrich your travel experience by providing a significant advantage for your purchases during your trip abroad. We are here to help you easily complete all the necessary procedures for VAT refund.
Some of the factors to be considered in the Tax Free Invoice application in Turkey are as follows;

  • Not staying in Turkey for more than 185 days in a calendar year
  • Having made a purchase of 100 TL + VAT or more, which is the lower limit
  • Taking products with you when traveling abroad
  • One of the basic principles is to complete customs clearance procedures within three months from the date of purchase.

The Tax Free practice in our country is regulated in accordance with the VAT Implementation General Communiqué No. 3065 and other customs legislation and is carried out under the control of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Customs and Trade.