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How to Choose Evening Dresses for Over 50?

Jun 21, 2024

Attending unique invitations with dresses that reflect your personality is among the most precious moments of life. On special occasions such as weddings, henna or engagements, you want to showcase your most elegant self. The easiest way to do this is to choose the right evening dress. You can have an unforgettable look with a great evening dress that appeals to the body and personality. If you are 50 and over, you may be full of life experiences and have set the boundaries of your own style. By choosing a mature evening dress, you can fully emphasize the elegance of your age.

Evening dresses over 50 you can first consider the type of fabric. Silk, lace, chiffon and similar fabrics help you to be comfortable as well as looking noble. In addition, choosing evening dresses suitable for the sweltering heat of the summer months is very important for you to be comfortable all day long. Fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, linen and silk are suitable for evening dresses to be preferred in summer.

50 years old hijab evening dresses If you are looking for draped fabrics, you can choose an evening dress model with a high collar and flounces. over 50 evening dresses hijab A-cut and peplum details are generally preferred in clothing. These cut models are the symbol of looking elegant and stylish.

50 years old evening dresses Your body type, the color of the evening dress, the model and pattern of the evening dress are other factors to be considered when choosing. You can find detailed information about the points to be considered for the right dress selection by taking a look at the rest of our article.

Evening Dresses Over 50 Suitable for Your Body Type

If you are over 50, your body contours have settled and it is more possible to understand your body type. For this reason, it is a good idea to have information about different body types. evening dress model is the key to looking stylish. The body types are the following:

  • Apple body type: In this body type, the upper part of the body is usually wider and the lower part is thinner. For this reason, the chest and abdomen look fuller, and the hips and legs look thinner. Evening dress models suitable for the apple body type usually consist of empire waist cuts that start under the chest and float downwards. In this way, you can draw attention to your waist area by covering the fullness in the abdominal area.

  • Pear body type: It is a body type in which the upper part of the body is thinner than the lower part. Since the hips are thick in this body type, which is characterized by a thin waist, the aim is to emphasize the waist. For this reason, an evening dress model with a fitted A-line skirt or a flared evening dress model can be easily preferred.

  • Rectangle body type: It is the body type where the shoulders, waist and hip areas are almost the same size. Since this body type is a flat body type, it is recommended that the evening dress chosen emphasizes the curves. In order to achieve this, you can choose evening dresses with a belt at the waist, A-cut or loose at the waist.

  • Hourglass body type: It is a body type in which the shoulders and hips are proportional to each other and the waist is thin. It is almost impossible not to look elegant by emphasizing the thinness of the waist in this body type, where almost every evening dress model easily adapts. For this, A-line, slit or fish models would be a great choice.

Color and Pattern Selection in Evening Dresses Over 50

Evening dress color is the most important element that reflects your mood. If you want to discover your own personality in the unique world of colors, you can take a look at our suggestions that can help you in choosing colors.

  • The elegance of classic colors: Women over 50 have a stately and more mature stance. colors such as black, burgundy, navy blue and emerald green help to fully display this stately stance. If you want to look glamorous and sophisticated, you can turn to these colors.
  • Neutral colors: Beige, gray, silver and pastel tones open the doors to a soft and classy look. You can display a romantic and elegant stance with the neutral colors you prefer in your evening dress.
  • Cool tones: Blue, green and purple tones are among the cold colors that reflect calmness. You can show a modern and feminine stance with evening dresses in these colors.

The patterns you choose for evening dresses should generally be calmer and full of meaning. Large, exaggerated and eye-straining patterns should be avoided. You can turn to minimalist patterns for a stylish look. You can give a chance to evening dresses with tiny floral details or geometric patterns with fine lines. However, evening dresses with lace and embroidery details help you display a feminine and polite style. If you want a simpler look, you can choose a patternless model. What should be considered here is that the fabric of the evening dress is of high quality and classy.

How Should the Collar Detail Be?

Collar detail is an element that affects the entire dress when choosing an evening dress. Over 50 dress models Here are our suggestions that can help you choose a collar when choosing a collar;

  • V-neck: This collar model, which makes the neck look longer and slimmer, helps you to display a more balanced look and achieve a modern style.
  • Boat neckline: This type of collar, which expands towards the shoulders, leaves the neck area exposed and provides a more striking look.
  • Round neckline: Round neckline is a great option for those who do not compromise on classic style. It harmonizes with other combination pieces with its simple stance.
  • Rectangular collar: It is a candidate to be the favorite of those who want to have a classier style. It can be preferred for elegant style in more formal events.
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