How should the wedding dress be? What are the wedding dress models?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. On your wedding day, which you will remember forever, everyone wants everything to be perfect. One of the most important things that makes your wedding day perfect is your wedding dress. The wedding dress you choose will be a reflection of the general theme of your style, personality and wedding. However, there are many different styles, fabrics and wedding dress models that you can choose from. It can be overwhelming to choose from dozens of models. Which color should the wedding dress be? Does the wedding dress have to be white? Would the wedding dress be colorful? What is the best wedding dress? How do I choose the ideal wedding dress? How should the hijab wedding dress be?
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Let us guide you to find the perfect wedding dress for yourself by deciding how your wedding dress should be by learning the answers to these questions together. For this, let's first examine the wedding dress models.

What are the wedding dress models?

It is possible to look great at your wedding, just by finding the ideal wedding dress for yourself. When it comes to a wedding dress, there are many different models that you can choose from. The style, fabric and details of the dress can be very different, and it is important to choose a model that reflects your personal style and the general theme of your wedding. Here are some popular wedding dress models:

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Long Wedding Dress Models

If you are ultimately if you are ultimately if you are in a long wedding dress, long wedding dress models depend on personal preferences and style.

For example, if you have an official wedding or if you have a wedding in a traditional religious environment, a long wedding dress may be more suitable than a short wedding dress. Similarly, if you plan a winter wedding, a long dress can help you keep you warm.

In terms of body type, a long wedding dress is especially ideal for tall or long -legged brides. It can also help to prolong the body and create a more elegant, sophisticated look.

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Mini Wedding Dress Models

Mini wedding dress models may be more suitable than a long dress if you are going to make a wedding more comfortable or outdoors. Similarly, if you are getting married in a warmer climate, a mini dress can help you be cool and comfortable.

In terms of body type, mini wedding dress is ideal for brides with petite brides or shorter legs.

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Midi wedding dress models

Midi wedding dress preferences between the knees and the wrist, and the body type can be a great option for different bride candidates.

For example, a midi wedding dress can be a choice for brides who want a more modest but unofficial dress as a more modest but not as long as a long dress.

In terms of body type, midi wedding dresses may suit especially for brides with an hourglass or pear -bodied brides. It can create a balanced silhouette by emphasizing the waist. However, depending on the style and cut of the dress can also work in other body types.

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Hijab wedding dress models

Hijab wedding dress models are designed for bride candidates who wear hijab or headscarf due to their religious or cultural traditions. These dresses are modest and designed to cover the entire body, but also designed to be elegant and stylish.

Hijab wedding dress models are typically long -sleeved, high -collar and full skirt. Moreover; They can have beads or embroidery and can be made of fabrics such as silk or lace.

Hijab wedding dresses in terms of style; It may vary great differences depending on one's individual preferences and cultural traditions. While some brides prefer a more traditional style with a simple, fluid silhouette, others may choose a more modern, fashionable appearance with bold colors and patterns.

Flight Wedding Dress Models

Flight Wedding Dress Models; It can be a great option for brides to marry light, breathable, tropical areas or on the beach. These dresses are designed to be comfortable and practical for warm climates, as well as to be stylish and elegant.

Flight flight wedding dress models often have draped fabrics such as chiffon, organza or tulle and have shorter skirts or have a more comfortable style. In terms of body type, flight flight wedding dress models may be suitable for various brides depending on the unique style and cut of the dress.

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Retro wedding dress models

Inspired by past years, such as the 1920s, 1950s or 1970s, retro wedding dress models may be suitable for bride candidates who like vintage or classic styles. These dresses often have details such as lace, beads or embroidery and have unique touches such as arms, high collar or full skirts.

Retro Wedding Dress Models can be a great option for people who want to add some nostalgia or personality to their wedding day views. It is also a good choice for brides who want a different dress from more modern or traditional styles that are popular today.

Retron wedding dress models in terms of body type may be suitable for various brides depending on the unique style and cut of the dress. It is usually more suitable for people with an hourglass or pear -bodied people because they emphasize the waist and create a balanced silhouette.

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What should be considered when choosing a wedding dress?

The choice of wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you will make for your big day. Some important factors you need to consider while making your choice are as follows:


Think of the wedding style you want to have and choose a dress that completes this style. Is it a official, a wedding or more comfortable, an outdoor ceremony? Do you want a classic, traditional look or a modern, fashionable style

2. Body Type

Choose a dress that emphasizes your body type and emphasizes your best features. For example, if you have an hourglass body structure, look for a dress that surrounds your waist and reveals your curves. If you have a minion, think of a dress with a smoother silhouette. Have a host, pear, apple or rectangular body shape, have many model wedding dresses that will complete your curls and display your best features.

Hourglass body type

If you have an hourglass body type, you have a balanced silhouette with a significant waist. A mermaid or a trumpet -style dress will emphasize your curves and bring your waist to the forefront.

Pear body type

A body with pear body has wider hips and a narrower waist and shoulders. A-Cesim a dress or a ball dress will balance your proportions and attract attention to your upper body.

Apple body type

If you have an apple body shape, you have a more rounded middle part and thinner legs and arms. A high certain dress or a draped A-Besim dress will provide a longer appearance of your figure.

 Rectangular body type

A rectangular body shape has a more flat shape without a low or no waist definition. A cover or column dress will create the illusion of the curves and emphasize your figure.

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You will wear your dress for a few hours on your wedding day, so make sure it is comfortable to wear it. Consider the weight of the fabric, the length of the arms and the skirt, and whether the dress allows you to move freely and dance.

4. Budget

Wedding dress prices may change to a great extent, so determine a budget before starting shopping and stay depending on it. Remember that changes and accessories can increase the cost, so take them into account.


Start shopping a few months in advance to give time for changes and rehearsals. If you are ordering a special wedding dress dress, you may need even more time. Factor wedding dress, such as the season, the wedding dress, color, fabric selection, model and so on. It will greatly affect your preferences.

Ultimately, the most important factor is to choose a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable on your special day.

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How should the choice of color be in the wedding dress?

Wedding dresses are more white and shades, but there are many other colors and tones that you can choose from. Here is what you need to pay attention to when choosing your wedding dress:

Skin tone: When choosing the color of your wedding dress, consider your skin tone. If you have hot sub -tones, you can complete your ivory or cream skin, while cold skin tones may look better in pure white or blue tones.

Personal Style: Choose a color that reflects your personal style and preferences. If you are more traditionalist, a more modern bride can choose a bold tone, such as a more modern bridal blush or champagne.

Wedding Theme: Think of your wedding theme and choose a dress color that completes the general appearance and feeling of your wedding. For example; While it may require a dress in the earth, a beach wedding is more open, more suitable for a more inspired color.

Season: Think of the season you will marry and choose a color that suits the air and tone of that season. For example, a cooler dress such as silver or ice blue is preferred at a winter wedding, while a summer wedding, you can choose a more brighter tone like pink or peaches, such as peaches.

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We came to the end of the blog post we wrote to find your wedding dress. Considering your body type, style, location and time of the day, fabric, budget and accessories, we have answered all your questions in order to find confident steps towards finding your dream dress. Remember, this should reflect your unique style and personality. For this reason, as Cengız Akturk, we should sell special design wedding dress and wholesale wedding dresses special for every style and night. Suitable for your taste, special for you Wedding Dress Models You can review our page, you can contact us if you wish.

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