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Which Evening Dress Makes You Look Thin?

Jan 18, 2023

Women who have weight problems at special invitations, events and any celebrations are doing research on evening dress models that make them look thin. In order to find the evening dress model in which you will feel perfect and to make you look thinner than you are, there are some points you should pay attention to in addition to choosing the evening dress model according to your body type. Although black evening dresses come to mind first when you think about it, many metrics play a role in the choice of evening dress models that make you look thin. So, how should overweight women choose evening dresses to make them look thin? Which Evening Dress Makes You Look Slim? How can you choose the right evening dress to look slim? What are the evening dresses that make you look thin? How should overweight women wear evening dresses? etc. You can read our article to learn the answers to your questions and learn the evening dress models that make you look thin.

How Should Overweight Women Wear Evening Dresses?

If you are plus size, have excess weight and don't know what to wear on your special night, evening dress choices vary for every age and body type.

Here are the things that overweight women should pay attention to when choosing an evening dress model for their special night:

  • If you have problems with your hips, you should prefer flared evening dresses. Flared evening dresses will cover your hips.
  • If you have big breasts and want your breasts to look small, you should stay away from low-cut evening dresses.
  • If you have excess in your waist area, two-color evening dresses will be ideal for you. You can look slimmer with evening dresses in dark colors on the sides and light colors in the middle.
  • If you have excess in your belly area and you are uncomfortable with this excess, you should definitely stay away from evening dresses with plain and thin fabric. In such a case, you can draw attention to your leg area with evening dresses with slits that will highlight your legs.
  • If your legs are thick and you do not want to draw attention to your legs, you should choose long evening dress models. .
  • If your upper leg is thick and your lower leg is ideal, you can also choose midi length evening dress models.
  • If your legs are thin but you have upper body and belly problems, long evening dress models with long slit will be the right evening dress models that make you look thin.
  • If you want to look thinner, you should not choose evening dresses that are all leather and all satin. It is never among the evening dress models that will make you look weak.

In order to hide your weight, we shared with you the tricks when choosing evening dresses. How should the right fabric and the right color evening dresses be in evening dresses in order to hide the weight?

How to Choose the Color of Evening Dresses to Look Slim?

Color is among the most important issues in evening dresses to look thin. Because; choosing the wrong color in evening dresses can make the person look more overweight than they are. Therefore, when choosing an evening dress, we should first consider the color.

If you want to look thinner than you are, you can choose evening dresses in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Bardo
  • Navy Blue
  • Brown
  • Dark shades of dark green and other colors will make you look slimmer and more elegant than you are.

How Should I Choose Fabric for Evening Dresses to Look Slim?

Women with plus size should definitely choose chiffon as their first choice when choosing fabric for evening dresses. Chiffon evening dresses are a type of thin fabric produced with cashmere and dense weaving.

Chiffon is a particularly preferred type of fabric for evening dresses. It is easily used even in molds such as size zero or size 48. Chiffons with an abundance of colors and patterns make overweight women look thin when designed with the right model. Cashmere is a densely woven fine fabric produced in natural and white color. Apart from chiffon evening dresses, viscose, cashmere and crepe evening dresses can be preferred. Crepe fabrics; Since they are draped, they cover the weight defects of the person and allow you to achieve both a comfortable and elegant appearance.

What are the Evening Dress Models that Show Slimness?

Evening dresses are indispensable for being stylish on special occasions. Evening dress models are also very many, with many factors such as cut, fabric, color and design. In short, evening dress models that will make the person look weak; Women who have a large body or who are regionally overweight should prefer dark tones in color selection and mostly chiffon evening dresses in fabric preference. Also, according to body lines plus size evening dress models can also prefer any of them. Women generally complain about their hips, buttocks, chest and leg areas. At this point, they should choose evening dresses according to the area they are uncomfortable with. So what are the evening dress models that show weakness?

Hijab Evening Dress Models Showing Slimness

It is easier for women wearing hijab to look thin. The reason for this is that we can easily cover many areas we complain about. At this point, hijab evening dress models that show weakness are more diverse. We can list the models of evening dresses with hijab that show weakness as follows:

  • A-line hijab evening dresses
  • We can say hijab evening dress models with buttons, belts and zippers.

Especially buttoned, belted and zippered evening dress models make you look even thinner as they hide the excess in areas such as hips and abdomen. It also makes you look taller as it shows the dress in two pieces. Thus, it is possible to look both long and thin.

Hijab Evening Dresses Models Showing Slim Waist

Most women complain about the weight in the waist and belly. You can choose evening dresses with two colors in evening dress models that cover the weight and evening dress models that cover the belly part.

Elegant and Slim Evening Dress Models

Another factor that you should pay attention to when choosing between evening dress models that both suit your taste and fit your body lines and make you look thin is the weather conditions and the location of the special night you will attend. In the winter months, you can choose thicker fabric and long evening dresses, while in the summer months, you can still choose long but strapless evening dress models.

Which dress we have prepared for ladies with plus size or overweight? We have come to the end of our blog post. In our article, which fabric should overweight ladies choose for evening dresses? What color evening dresses should be preferred in order to look thin? We have come to the end of our blog post where we give answers to questions such as. We have come to the end of our blog post that we have written for you to find the most suitable evening dress for overweight ladies that make you feel slimmer and elegant on your special day. As CENGIZ AKTURK, we have to sell special design evening dresses in accordance with the latest fashion according to everyone's taste and body proportions. Suitable for your taste, special for women with plus size evening dress models You can review them on our page.

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