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Clothes are both basic needs and products that mediate the best expression of tastes. Trendy styles have started to emerge with the clothing style brought by fashion. These styles, which can change from time to time, manage to remain in the minds by leaving their mark on the period they came out. Thanks to stylists who develop themselves in the field of fashion design, different and eye-catching products become widespread.

The collections you encounter in clothing products include works of art in which a stylist transfers his/her skill and imagination to the field of fabric shaping and detailing. Today, there are many fashion designers who have created precious collections with their own unique interpretation. Fouad Sarkis collection stands out as one of them.

Every man and woman has the right to dress beautifully. In order to take advantage of this right in the best way, quality, original and new season evening dress alternatives will be the most ideal options. If you care about your clothing and follow the trends, you can browse the collections where you can easily find products that suit your taste. It is now very easy to pamper yourself with comfortable and fashionable pieces.

Unlike classic clothing products, if you are interested in unusual, interesting and colorful clothes that will help you make a difference, you can take a look at Fouad Sarkis' designs that will warm you up. It is also possible to gain a completely different clothing style by falling under the charm of the Fouad Sarkis collection, which offers elegance in the most beautiful way with unique details and designs.

Evening Dresses Suitable for Body Type with Fouad Sarkis Collection

Dresses chosen according to body type give the person a more pleasant appearance. It is important to define your body type well so that the posture of evening dress models is as you want. In this way, you can choose among the trendy evening dresses that will suit you. It is possible to find evening dress models that you will choose according to your body type in the Fouad Sarkis collection.

Considering different body types, it is possible to talk about the existence of 7 body types. These are named as apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, rectangle, diamond and oval. Having information about these body types will help you learn your own body type.

  • Pear body type: The lower part of the body has a wider appearance than the upper part. Legs and hips come to the fore.

If you have a pear-type body, it is recommended to avoid evening dresses that wrap your body. Since the hips and legs are wide, evening dresses that sit on you can make your body parts in question look thicker. You can take a look at the models that sit at the waist and expand downwards instead of the fish or pencil-cut dress models in Fouad Sarkis evening dresses.

  • Apple body type: In the apple body type, unlike the pear, the upper part looks wider than the lower part. Especially the hip and belly parts are quite remarkable. It can also be said that the hips and belly look like a whole.

If you have an apple-type body, it is recommended that you do not prefer narrow-cut evening dresses. Such clothing products may prevent you from getting the look you want. In this respect, as in the pear type, people with an apple type should avoid evening dress models that sit on them. You can make the outfit look stylish on you by focusing more on loose-cut and shabby evening dresses.

The evening dress models with straps in the Fouad Sarkis Collection are ideal options for the apple body type. However, evening dresses with neck and neckline decollete are perfect for the apple body type. You can take a look at evening dress models that focus on the neckline and knee areas instead of emphasizing the hips and waist areas, and find a product that will suit you among the stunning dress varieties.

  • Hourglass body type: In the hourglass body type, the body is just like an hourglass. In other words, the upper and lower parts of the body are wide and the waist area is thin.

For a body of this type, focusing on the waist area will be the best choice. Body-hugging evening dresses can help you in this regard. The evening dresses with narrow cut and ribbed fabric in the Fouad Sarkis Collection will be an ideal choice for individuals with an hourglass body type. Moreover, you can get a nice look with evening dresses with belt details that reveal the thinness of the waist.

  • Rectangle body type: You can see that body lines are not prominent in this body type. Since muscle and fat tissues are evenly distributed, the lines do not appear. In fact, this can make a thin person look fuller and a well-built person look thinner.

You can make the right choice by focusing on evening dress models with thick straps and rope straps that will adapt to this type of body type. Evening dress models that emphasize the shoulder part can also be suitable for the rectangular body type. The comfortable and straight-cut evening dresses in Fouad Sarkis' collection will help to provide a pleasant stance for the rectangular body type.

  • Inverted triangle body type: In the diamond body type seen in women who are interested in sports, the waist, hips and belly are thin and the shoulders are wide.

If you have a diamond body type, it is recommended that you turn to evening dresses with more relaxed cuts. If you want to reveal your lines, you can get help from narrow-cut pieces. Especially evening dresses that expand towards the hip area will look extremely beautiful on you.

  • Oval body type: This body type has an extremely wide appearance. However, there is no disproportion in the body. It is also called cello body type.

If you have this type of body, it is especially useful to take a look at vertical striped evening dress models. In order to show your body much more balanced, thick fabric pieces can work for you. It would also be best for you to avoid tight evening dresses to hide your hips and belly. It is possible to find evening dresses for every body type in Fouad Sarkis' colorful collection.

Fouad Sarkis Collection Evening Dresses Prices

WhenFouad Sarkis evening dress prices are examined, it is possible to encounter different price values. Because there are a number of factors that affect the price values of all evening dresses. One of these factors is the type of fabric the product is made of. The fabric used in the designed evening dress is of great importance in determining the price.

Another factor that affects the price value of Fouad Sarkis designed evening dresses is the model of the product. Each model stands out with its unique details. While some models have many details, it is possible to see a simpler appearance in some models. The labor spent on the model and the detail materials used have an extremely important place in determining the price of the product.

Fouad Sarkis Collection Evening Dresses Size Options

Stylish, magnificent and colorful evening dresses in the Fouad Sarkis Collection have many size options. Thanks to the 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50 size evening dresses, it becomes possible to have an elegant appearance. You can be the shining star of the event thanks to the assertive models you can wear at special events. In addition to the Fouad Sarkis collection, you can also find stylish products in outlet evening dress options.

Fouad Sarkis Collection Evening Dresses Color Options

You can easily come across vibrant and vibrant color options inFouad Sarkis dress models. The reflection of the joy of life reflected from the inner realm of the stylist to the products he designed has led to the emergence of out-of-the-box evening dresses. In this context, black and white tones, which are indispensable among evening dress color options, take the first place.

In addition to black and white, which are the two basic colors, evening dresses dominated by yellow, pink, blue and red tones will become the favorite of those who love to dress in color. If you want to choose among the colorful evening dress models, you can give Fouad Sarkis' designs a chance and be the most talked about on your special days.

Which Style and Details Stand Out in Fouad Sarkis Collection?

Skirt, collar and sleeve details are generally prominent in the collection carefully prepared by Fouad Sarkis. The collection, which hosts much more vibrant and colorful styles, generally includes pieces that emphasize body lines.

Which Seasons and Concepts Does Fouad Sarkis Collection Include Models Suitable for?

When you examine Fouad Sarkis's collection, you can see pieces that are suitable to be worn mostly in spring and summer seasons. The products here can be preferred for ceremonies such as weddings, promises, henna, engagement, graduation, award ceremonies and cocktail parties.