Why is color selection important in evening dress dress?

Dec 21, 2022

Searching and finding the right evening dress may seem difficult among dozens of evening dress models and color scales, but there is an easy way. An easy way to ensure that you look your best on your special night is to choose the right color for your dress. There are several ways to understand which colors suit you. In today's blog post, we have prepared an evening dress color selection guide to find the most suitable evening dress color for you.

Searching for the right evening dress and finding dozens of model evening dresses and color scale may seem difficult to you, but there is an easy way. An easy way to make you look best on your private night is to choose the right color for your dress. There are a few ways to understand which colors suit you. In today's blog post, we have prepared the evening dress color selection guide to find the color of the evening dress.

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Tips for the right color selection in evening dress dress!

1. Find which colors suit you!

You should consider 3 things to decide which color is your color. These;

  • Your natural hair color,
  • Your eye color and
  • Your skin tone

After determining these 3 colors scale, it will not be that hard to find the right evening dress. So, according to my skin, eye and hair color, which colors are suitable for me. Just Keep Reading!

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2. Determine your sub -tone!

Regardless of your skin color, it is enough to look at your vein color to determine your sub -tone. If your veins are in green or yellow tones, it means that you have a cold tone if it is hot, purple or blue.

  • If you have cold sub -tones; You can choose evening dresses in blue, gray and silver colors.
  • If you have hot sub -tones; The evening dress in colors such as brown, gold and dark green will suit you very much.

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3. Combine your lower tone with your hair color!

After learning your sub -tone, you can choose your hair color by combining your hair color!

Cold Lower Tone and Dark Hair: If you have cold bottom tones dark hair; While choosing bright live jewelry tones such as turquoise or indigo, you need to avoid pastel colors such as peach and soft pink ..

Cold Lower Tone and Blonde Hair: If you have cold lower tones, yellow or light brown hair, you should try pale, cold colors such as baby blue and lavender, and do not prefer saturated, earth tones.

Hot lower tone and dark hair: If you have hot lower tones, brown hair or dark red hair, you should try colors such as gold, olives and rust, and you should never try bright red tones.

Hot lower tone and dark hair: If you have hot lower tones or golden hair. Try soft, pale colors such as ivory and powdered pink. Avoid dark black or dark tones such as dark blue.

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4. Choose an evening dress dress compatible with your eye color!

If you want to choose a dress that reveals your eyes, you can choose evening dress in your eye color. For example; If you have blue eyes, you can highlight your eyes with a blue tones evening dress. According to your eye color, you can choose these tones evening dress dress.

  • Blue, green and hazel eyes; They can use their choices in favor of lighter colored evening dresses.
  • People with dark eye color make the eyes look beautiful with the preference of brown and dark tones.

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5. Choose fashionable color!

Different color tones are fashionable in every new season. For this, you can read fashion magazines or take a look at the new season products of the store where you will buy evening dresses.

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6. Don't think that all colors are suitable for all activities!

The event you will participate in the choosing evening dress plays a major role. In an official activity, a neon color selection will not be appropriate. At this point you will join Dress dress selection according to the eventI You should do it. Dark colors for official evening events, patterned evening dresses for the activities you will participate in daytime and neutral colors such as black, white, gray, brown and navy blue are suitable for every activity.

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7. Consider your body shape in color selection!

Different colors affect the appearance of one's body differently. The choice of color to bring certain parts of your body to the forefront is very important.

  • If you want to look weaker, you can wear darker colors.
  • You can choose bright or light colors for the sections you want to emphasize. For example, if you want to attract attention to your chest, choose a dress with bright colors at the chest level.

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8. Think of the length of the evening dress dress!

The length of the evening dress dress is another issue that should be taken into consideration. At an official event, you can choose a long and slit evening dress. In a more comfortable activity or a semi -official activity that requires a cocktail or party dress, shorter skirts can be accepted as long as they are enjoyable.

  • Don't worry about the season as the material and color will compensate for it. For example, you can wear a short, velvet dress in winter and a long, cotton dress in summer.

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Why is it important to choose the right dress and the right color?

Each color has different meanings. If you wish, you can also choose color according to these colors. Here are the meaning of colors and the importance of the right color choice:

  • Red expresses emotional intensity and passion. It is very effective in attracting attention.
  • Orange expresses enthusiasm and creativity. It is also visually stimulating.
  • Yellow carries joy and energy and also attracts attention. But be careful not to overdo it; It may be too much yellow overwhelming and it may not suit you.
  • Green expresses nature, growth and fertility. It can make people feel safe and stable.
  • It is associated with blue, calmness and loyalty. For more effect, you can match blue with warm colors such as red or yellow.
  • Purple is historically associated with the royal. For this reason, wearing purple expresses the power, richness and luxury.
  • White is mostly associated with purity. It carries innocence and perfection as long as you can keep it clean! Tip: If you are not a bride, do not wear a white dress at a wedding.
  • Black expresses power and trust. With a perfect harmony, you can be elegant and stylish with a black dress.

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We have come to the end of our blog post, which makes you feel special on your special day, where we explain the tips of color selection in the evening dress dress. As Cengız Akturk, we sell special design evening dresses and wholesale evening dresses special for every style and night. Suitable for your taste, special for you Evening Dress ModelsYou can review Ni on our page and contact us if you wish.

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