What should short women pay attention to when choosing evening dresses?

Dec 14, 2022

Evening dresses are indispensable elements for women on special occasions. Evening dresses, which are preferred by women from a young age, can be used in various ways in various areas such as graduation balls, wedding ceremonies and special invitations. Well, can evening dresses, which are preferred by women of all ages, adapt to every woman's style? Since the day we became a part of the evening dress industry, one of the questions we have heard most frequently is "I am short, can I wear evening dresses?" and "How should short women wear evening dresses?". In the rest of the content, we will find the answer to this question for petite women; we will offer suggestions on evening dresses for women who think they are short!

Evening dresses are elements that women cannot give up on special occasions. Dresses preferred by women from a young age; It can be used in various fields in various fields such as graduation balls, wedding ceremonies and special invitations. So, can the evening dresses preferred by women of all ages adapt to every women's style? One of the most common questions we have heard since the day we became a part of the evening dress sector, "I am short, can I wear evening dresses?" and "How should short women wear evening dresses?" such questions. In the continuation of the content, Minion will find the answer to this question for women; We will offer advice on evening dresses to women who think the height is short!

Can short women wear evening dresses?

The evening dress, which is the symbol of elegance and care, is produced in various lengths and models. Every woman who wants to look flashy and magnificent on her special days can make an evening dress by making a choice for her own proportion. The main feature that short women should pay attention to in the evening dress choices is the décolleté harmony and skirt length. Since the depth of the décollette section and the area where the area is located will highlight the lines and lines of the woman, it may make the person look longer and more imposing than it is. The same applies to skirt length and model. The skirt model and length can balance the proportion of legs and bodys and give the person a longer appearance than it is.

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Evening dress tips for short women!

1. Create silhouette

The silhouette is the first impression engraved in the memory of the other person at first glance. If we give an example from architecture; Eiffel Tower, Pyramids and so on. The main feature of architectural structures in our minds is the silhouette and form. In fashion, silhouette is very important in clothes designed especially for minion people. So why is the silhouette, short / petite for women's clothing choices?

  • Depending on the length of the outfit, the person may look longer in length; The silhouette of the evening dress is very important.
  • Long silhouette dresses can show the body in a longer and elegant form.
  • The fact that the silhouette of the dress silhouette prevents suppression under the show of the outfit.
  • Evening dresses with simple silhouette, not made of hard fabric and heavy stones show the person in a simpler and elegant structure.

Evening dresses that can be preferred by short women;

  • Fish model evening dress
  • Letter A evening dress
  • Princess model evening dresses

can be listed in the form.

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2. Long -holding neckline

Minion women may prefer V -neck and heart collar in evening dresses. Dresses with this collar type will create plenty of space around the face, as your face can show longer cut -oriented, which can make you look more elegant and longer. Heart and V -neck evening dress models also show the neck much longer. In this way, the part outside the shoulder collar is balanced with your lower body and provides a long image.

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3. Jewelry Selection

In the evening dress combinations of minion women, jewelry choices should be in the style that attracts them up, not down. These jewelry; There may be jewelry that attracts attention to your face, such as hair accessories, remarkable earrings and necklaces.

The distance of the minion type is usually shorter. Therefore, a long -tipped necklace can extend the neck distance and show longer length. Delicate chains can show the person's petite with shorter and more inadequate akseuar than it is. Minion -type women should also avoid necklaces that sit on the collarbone and close their neck.

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4. Choice of shoes

As it is known to everyone, heeled shoes show you much longer than you are. A high -form heeled shoes that you combine with the evening dress helps your body to lift the dress and provide your form to your body. However, other elements you should pay attention to when choosing shoes to wear under the evening dress;

  • Choosing a shoe close to your skin color can make you look longer than the chimney will look like you were long.
  • The most accurate evening dress shoe selection for short and petite type women are shoes with pointed noses and strapless heels.

Shoes with pointed -nosed shoes are the ones that suits short women, only half inch differences compared to round nose or square nose, but this small change makes a big difference about how your legs will look.

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5. Should short women choose long or short evening dresses?

Short women can choose long or short dress by paying attention to previous items, but midi size evening dresseswill not be a suitable option for women with this style. In addition, the fact that the fabric of the evening dress is satin or lace will create a long form as it will make the person look more formal and elegant than it is.

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6. Creating your vertical line

Contrary to what is known, long evening dresses do not make women shorter. Long and vertical striped clothes can show your long height, just like the long -showing the neck form of the V -neck, as it creates an extended body illusion. Alternatively, it can also be used on a long evening dress to create a long and vertical line illusion.

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7. Use the colors correctly

A long and imposing appearance can be obtained by choosing solid evening dresses. Whether it's a flashy or simple model evening dress, solid colors always create an illusion. A evening dress with similar shades allows to appear both stylish and very stylish with contrast -colored adding panels. In addition, evening dresses with longer and more vertical stitches help to show the body form long. If a mixed texture and delicate fabric is preferred, complete your combination with an accessory with the same color. Choose small printed patterned dresses and avoid big patterns that may look overwhelming or make you look out.

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8. You can use vamp

In the thigh level and in the use of a slit dress, the use of shoes in the form of decolte vamp shows the person thinner and longer than it is. This shoe silhouette does not cut your feet except fingertips and allows you to add it to your height. Vamp style is one of the best methods to extend the length of the leg and create illusion.

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Where should the evening dress dress buy for short women?

The quality of the part you carry on you is as important as your elegance on your special occasions. Since the type of material used by the brand you will buy evening dresses is of great importance in terms of health and comfort, it is an important stage to do a detailed research before evening dress shopping.

Cengız Akturk can choose the one that suits your body from ready -made dress models with evening dress models; If you want, you can ask you to design a new evening dress dress that suits you and your body form. With the light and tips you get from our article to choose the evening dress to suit your taste and form. Evening Dress ModelsYou can review Ni on our page, you can contact us if you wish!

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